Paso Robles Mobile Bottling

Bottling at a Winery Near You

VinoMotion, The Highest Standard in Mobile Bottling!

The most advanced, state-of-the-art mobile bottling platform on the Central Coast. VinoMotion’s new custom built mobile line runs industry leading minimal impact, top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the lowest O2 pick up on the market, guaranteed. Compact design at 40 feet bumper to bumper, capable of speeds of up to 100 bottles per minute. Backed by 20 years experience in wine production using the highest standards in quality control. Over 1.5 million cases bottled to date with the simple goal of providing our customers with the highest level of professionalism, communication and satisfaction.

  • Compact truck design allows us access to virtually any winery location
  • Industry leading top-of-the-line bottling equipment
  • Complete captive bottle sparging for zero oxygen prior to filling
  • Low vacuum filler requiring no suck back to achieve accurate fill heights
  • Ultra Dosing injector for head space inerting
  • Automatic ROPP screw cap applicator and spinner
  • Automatic capsule applicator with bladder psi control spin down
  • Pressure sensitive label application with optical bottle/label orientation
  • Semi-automatic case taping and automatic pallet wrapping
  • On board nitrogen generator producing 99.9% pure nitrogen
  • Case sticker printing with optional bar coding for efficient inventory management
  • Unparalleled standards in quality control
  • Highly qualified personnel committed to providing customers with the best bottling experience